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Almost 4 period ago — after my relationship of 3 years concluded — I made the decision to create a Tinder visibility

Almost 4 period ago — after my relationship of 3 years concluded — I made the decision to create a Tinder visibility

This amazing is the tale of these profile (in facts). If you are idle and don’t value the information, avoid for the bottom and there’s a Sankey drawing that sums up much.

Let’s get a few of the basic principles off the beaten track very first, because these topics will certainly arise

In Which Carry Out I Stay?

A Canadian area with a metropolitan people of approximately one million.

Are We Good-looking?

I’ m probably a reasonably regular lookin person, maybe slightly above average but no model. The pictures presently to my Tinder profile posses Photofeeler attractive ratings which range from 7.7 to 9.3. However, remember that i did so put some work into obtaining good images for my profile.

Just What Are My Personal Needs Set To?

My personal tastes happened to be at first arranged extremely wide, but I have narrowed in the long run. At this time, it’s set to female aged 18–25 within 100 kilometer.

Now let’s talk about the fun items.


My Tinder activity (assessed in software opens per day) varied from 0 to 153 — with about 29 and an average of 20.

My personal first month on Tinder got my a lot of active. Apart from that however, my task reveals no clear styles, but high-activity periods perform seem to come in bursts with lulls in between.


Over the course of nearly 4 months, we subscribed 16,561 swipes . This averages out over about 141.5 swipes daily and a median of 96.

Of 16,561 swipes, 7,886 comprise wants and 8,675 had been passes for a standard like proportion of 47.3%.

The data additionally reveals my personal swiping becoming significantly much more discerning with time — even though this maybe because my switching needs or Tinder’s algorithm showing me personally much better users. Anecdotally, i really do feel We have much more discerning after a while.


I obtained a total of 290 suits — on average 2.5 suits a day. This means that roughly 1.75percent of my swipes will result in matches, and more or less 3.7percent of my wants.

On virtually any time, we was given between 0 and 10 suits. The circulation of suits every day skews greatly to the right with a mode of 2.


I’ve replaced a total of 504 communications on Tinder — constituting 274 sent and 230 was given. This number is fairly low, as I typically try to bring a telephone number within a couple of emails.

Here is how my emails has accumulated with time:

Out-of my personal 290 suits, at least one message had been exchanged with 99 of these (34%). From those 99, 12 messaged me but I didn’t reply definition we messaged 30% of my personal suits.

From the 87 suits we messaged, 56 replied one or more times, for a replying profits ratio of about 64%. This proportion could be less than it may be, since I often waited era or days to content fits I found myself considerably stoked up about. My monitoring of suits messaged within 3 days reveals an answer rates of 78per cent, and 84% with my ideal opener.


In addition began tracking my personal Superliking achievements ratio. Out-of 183 Superlikes, 14 fits lead that will be profitable ratio of 8percent. Here is the success by get older:

In addition to rate of success by age:

I got your own idea that my personal success rate would-be higher with younger girls but yet, no obvious trends demonstrate upwards.

Total Information

The last results of my Tindering are summarized within diagram:

In total, We proceeded schedules in just over 1percent of my personal matches. I think about this figure becoming pretty conventional; i’m most self-confident i possibly could ‘ve got more schedules if I had wished.

What number of fits we made a decision to message depended largely about how busy I became that day, easily have another dates in the offing (from Bumble or women I meet in actual life) or exactly how severely I absolutely desired to continue a romantic date at that moment.

All facts is from my Tinder profile. The majority of it originated from a data consult to Tinder, plus some of it is self-tracked nicely.

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